Lepidiolamprologus kamambae

Lepidiolamprologus kamambae
Lepidiolamprologus kamambae
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Lepidiolamprologus kamambae - A new predatory cichlid from Lake Tanganyika. The discovery, collection and overall reflections on the new cichlid species Lepidiolamprologus kamambae plus a survey of the variable Lepidiolamprologus elongatus, questioning the status of the quite recently described Lepidiolamprologus mimicus. Containing 24 pages and 36 colour illustrations, and has no advertisment. Printed on FSC certified paper. DIN/ISO A4 format (297 x 210 mm). ISBN: 978-91-981301-0-2. Language: English.

No. of pages 24
No. of illustrations 36
ISBN 978-91-981301-0-2
Language English
Method 1. Priority; 2. Economy (see "Overview freight and packing")
Geographical Scene
Lake Tanganyika
Country Tanzania, Zambia
Ichthyology & Ecology
Dietary Carnivore
Habitat Lithoral and sand, multilevel

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